Buildings in Conservation Areas

What is a conservation area?

Much of Leominster town centre is a conservation area. This means it has been designated as an area of special architectural and historic interest. Within the planning system there is a presumption that the historic character and appearance of the area should be preserved and enhanced.

You can check if a property is within a conservation area on the Herefordshire Council website.

The Leominster Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan contains more information about the special character of the area.

Some work in a conservation area needs permission

You may need permission for the following work if your property is in a conservation area:

  • Various types of wall cladding
  • The insertion of dormer windows
  • The installation of satellite dishes on walls and roofs facing a highway
  • The installation of radio masts, antennae or radio equipment housing with a volume over two cubic metres
  • A reduction in the size of residential and industrial extensions, which may be carried out without the need for planning permission
  • The installation of solar panels

In particular, Herefordshire Council will be looking to see if the work preserves or enhances the character or special appearance of the conservation area.