Hi Leominster

A Guide to Maintenance and Repair for Owners and Tenants

Leominster is a town steeped in history. Its historic streets and buildings are an important part of its development and we should ensure these are preserved, to celebrate the unique character of the town, and to pass on these special buildings for future generations to enjoy.

Keeping historic buildings in good condition isn't always easy, and it can be difficult to know where to start. The good news is there is a wealth of information available. We have compiled this resource to help you get the information you need to care for your building.

 This guide is aimed at anyone who lives in, works in, or owns an historic property in Leominster.

Download a PDF of Leominster Historic Properties: A Guide for Building Owners and Tenants.

 Or use the links below to read factsheets on the topics that interest you.


This guide has been created as part of the Leominster’s High Street Heritage Action Zone Scheme which ran between 2020 -2024 and was led by Herefordshire Council, in partnership with Leominster Town Council, and overseen by Historic England.