Hi Leominster

How we are investing in Leominster’s Heart & Heritage

Leominster has been awarded a share of the government’s £95 million High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) funding, administered by Historic England.

Use the links below to learn more about the projects breathing new life into Leominster’s historic buildings and streets.


The funding that Leominster receives will be invested in a range of projects within Leominster’s Conservation Area, in the heart of the town centre.

Each project is designed to revive Leominster’s historic buildings and streetscape, while unlocking the economic potential of our much-loved town – benefitting residents and visitors alike.

Leominster’s HSHAZ Scheme is led by Herefordshire Council, in partnership with Leominster Town Council, and is overseen by Historic England.  Among other spending, funds will be invested in improving the appearance of our town and celebrating its heritage.

This exciting scheme will fuel economic, social, and cultural recovery and encourage more people to come and say Hi! to our high street.

“It’s fantastic news for our whole community that Historic England have recognised Leominster’s unique heritage and are investing in the town’s conservation area. We want to celebrate Leominster’s amazing history, and its beautiful buildings, while supporting the local economy to recover and thrive in the years ahead.”

Councillor John Rumsey, Mayor, Leominster Town Council.

How to get involved

Leominster’s HSHAZ Scheme has been inspired and shaped by conversations with residents, visitors and business owners. 

  • Consultation is vital to the success and sustainability of all our projects and we will use this page to keep you updated on opportunities for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas.
  • If you have a heritage project that you would like to share with the Leominster community, then why not consider creating a post for the Leominster Heart & Heritage blog? Please use the contact form below to speak to a member of the HSHAZ Team about submitting your contribution.
  • Historic England are looking for volunteers to help uncover the hidden stories of Leominster’s historic buildings. For more information, read about our Listing Enhancement project.