Keeping Leominster Connected – Investing in Town Centre Wi-Fi

Leominster’s HSHAZ Scheme is investing in the infrastructure and technology needed to offer free Wi-Fi in our town centre. Access to free and fast internet makes it easier for residents and visitors to engage with Leominster’s heritage and community life, as they shop, explore and enjoy all that our town has to offer.

This project supports our local community by:

    • Enabling local producers and market traders to take electronic payments, attracting more stallholders and visitors.

    • Supporting local events.

    • Offering a new way for businesses and venues to engage directly with people visiting the town centre

    • Providing visitors with easy access to information about Leominster’s heritage, shops and tourist attractions.

    • Supporting access to essential services, by ensuring that all Leominster residents have access to an internet connection in the town centre.

This project will also make it possible for us to collect anonymous footfall data, which can help local businesses and organisations to better understand the movements of visitors to the town centre. This information can help to inform decisions about local services and initiatives to support Leominster’s high street - from ensuring that there is sufficient seating in busy areas, to improving signage if parts of our town are being missed by visitors.

The infrastructure developed by this project will also provide a foundation for future innovations with the potential to support entrepreneurs in a wide range of different areas, from flood management, to local farming and community care.