Conservation Area Review

Conservation Area Review

Did you know, Leominster’s town centre was designated a conservation area in 1969? Conservation areas recognise and value the buildings and features that make historic locations, like Leominster, so uniquely significant.

These areas need regular review to ensure that suitable plans can be put in place for their management and protection. Conservation area reviews inform future development and investments, ensuring that they preserve and complement the character of the local area.

Thanks to HSHAZ funding, an up-to-date Conservation Area Assessment has been produced for Leominster. Leominster’s townscape and architecture have been professionally surveyed and the boundaries of the current conservation area have been reviewed.

The Conservation Area Assessment report describes the archaeology, built heritage and natural environment that give our town its distinctive character and identity. Once finalised, the findings of the report will be made available to all those who are keen to learn more about heritage in the heart of Leominster.

A public consultation on the Conservation Area Assessment took place in August and September 2022.  

To find out more about the Leominster Conservation Area Asessment consultation, use the link below to visit the Herefordshire Council website:

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