Listing Enhancement Project

Listing Enhancement Project

Each of the listed buildings in Leominster’s Conservation Area is considered to be of special architectural or historic interest. Leominster’s HSHAZ Scheme is undertaking a review of the descriptions for Leominster’s listed buildings and scheduled monuments, to check whether any edits or updates are needed.

In some cases, this will involve rewriting or expanding listing descriptions to include information that can help owners understand which parts of their buildings are most sensitive to change and need the most protection.

As part of this project we want to encourage you to take part in Historic England's Missing Pieces initiative, offering a chance to enrich list entries with your images and insights into Leominster’s rich heritage. By sharing your knowledge of our buildings on the National Heritage List for England, you will help us to show why Leominster is so special. You can view the National Heritage List here. More information about the Missing Pieces Project is available at: 

Historic England has also been carrying out research into some of our oldest timber-framed buildings, using tree-ring dating (dendrochronology) techniques to discover just how old they are.  The results will be shared at a local HSHAZ event in October 2023, which will explain how tree-ring dating works and what it can tell us about when the timber in some of Leominster’s oldest buildings was felled for construction. To find out more and to register your place, visit:

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