About Face Theatre Company Goes Out and About with Creation

Our member About Face Theatre Company was on the road in the Leominster area with its show Creation last month.

Creation stitches together traditional stories from around the world and involves the audience in a micro-puppetry performance that leaves the ultimate healing or destruction of the world they create to them. You can see images and films from the show on the About Face website

The company visited four primary schools, performing to 250 school children. It was one of the first times the company has toured since the pandemic, and was a welcome opportunity to revive the show and perform to new audiences. They also did a workshop that allowed the pupils to make their own creation stories.

They were delighted to be contacted by Matt Lewis, Headteacher of Stoke Prior primary, the first school they visited, and sent some pictures (see below!). Matt says that these pictures are "a sample of some of the Creation Creations my class produced after the visit". And very beautiful they are too!

Matt also commented, "It was a great production using a different style of theatre. The puppets and models captured children's imagination. It is great to be able to present a drama group that puts an emphasis on a well planned and rehearsed piece of drama. It modelled inclusivity for our children who engaged really well with the content." 

We love these stories! Thank you to Matt and the Stoke Prior artists for sending in their work, and to About Face for providing the inspiration. 


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