As part of our project with Historic England, we’ve been all over town, visiting community groups to tell people about the High Street Heritage Action Zone, and to ask people what they think of Leominster. Our hope was to get an idea of what people think of Leominster as a place to live, work and visit, and to find out what kind of events or projects they would like us to do throughout the course of the project and beyond. What has been interesting to see from the results is just how much our feelings about our community changes our sense of place, and how a town is not just a collection of buildings, but also a place of memories, relationships and connections.

What Three Words

We made a word cloud based on What Three Words people would use to describe Leominster. The most used word about Leominster is ‘friendly’, with people praising Leominster’s community spirit and saying how much they like bumping into people they know on the street. Other popular words included rural, safe, home, quiet and unique.

Best Thing About Leominster

We asked what people thought were the best things about Leominster, and once again ‘friendly’ came up near the top, although just pipped to the post by The Grange. People also love Leominster’s independent shops, architecture, history, and location with easy access to beautiful countryside. Lots of groups mentioned the work of Leominster In Bloom that keeps the town looking nice. Friendly staff in certain shops were mentioned, and a particular shout out to popular fish and chip shop DiMarcos!

Favourite Places in Leominster

The Grange topped the polls as peoples’ favourite place in Leominster, with one person saying it was her favourite place because she shared her first kiss with her now husband there. Others really loved the train station, not for the train station building but because of all the opportunities it brings – access to work, entertainment, travel and family and friends. Sitting outside Leominster’s cafes, or in Leominster’s pubs, were also popular locations, although for some ‘home’ was their favourite place in Leominster.

Your Turn

What do you think about Leominster? If you want to have a say you can fill in our survey here.

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