Light Up Leominster - wrap up and credits

What an event Light Up Leominster proved to be, as hundreds of people turned up each evening to join in the parades and explore the projection trail and live performances. 

The Fetch Theatre unveiled their new puppet, the Lugg Maiden, after a character in a Herefordshire folktale. 

The projection trail included lights as well as projections, encouraging people to look at Leominster with new eyes.

The projection work was created by Andy McKeown and featured images by locally based artists Jaime Jackson of Salt Road as well as Richard Shakespeare, such as this work:

The lantern parade included more than 100 lanterns, made by groups around town, including ECHO participants. 

Light Up Leominster Credits

Commissioned by Leominster Cultural Consortium

On behalf of Leominster Town Council and Herefordshire Council


Funded by

Historic England, Arts Council England and National Lottery as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone project



Projections, light and sound design by Andy McKeown of Wild Strawberry (or whatever you want to say)



Original content by Andy McKeown

Collections from Leominster Museum

Images made by Salt Road with visitors to Brockhampton National Trust Estate, residents of the Forbury, Norfolk House and the Talbot Hotel, young people of Leominster

Film of the Queen's visit to Leominster on loan from Media Archive for Central England

Home videos of Leominster made by Frank Dale

Photography by Richard Shakespeare

10 second films – made by you!


Lantern Parades

Lugg Maiden and parade puppets by The Fetch Theatre

Lanterns made by ECHO participants at Eaton Barn and Clever Betsy, paraded by them on Wednesday

Lantern Workshops by Olivia Mabey of Creative Minds Herefordshire

Wednesday Parade Dancers Jigsaw Inclusive Dance led by Enid Gill

Wednesday parade fish by About Face Theatre

Wednesday The Brownies

Wednesday singing by The Priory Children’s Choir

Wednesday stilt walker Ellen Lavery

Thursday Broseley Beats Samba Band

Thursday The Leominster RTC Cadets


Additional Performances by

Leominster Morris

Jenny Pipes Morris

The Priory Choir

Leominster Community Choir

The Leominster Lion made by The Fetch Theatre


Event Logistics

Event Producer: Rachel Buchanan

Traffic Signage and Management: Amberon

First Aid: Leominster Community First Responders

 Road Closures and street light management: Balfour Beatty



Thank yous


Thank you to our Stewards and Volunteers including:

Sally Bradley

Wendy Coombey

Paul and Martha Davies

Angela Dyer

Kate Green (whose idea this event was)

Harriet and her friends

Deborah Jarman

James Lindsay

Members of Leominster Rotary – serving Leominster for 75 years

Penny and Paul Weir

Fay Wrixon

Students of Hereford College of Arts


Thank you to the following for your assistance with the projections:


Carl and Emma Beebee

Cobb Amos

Coffee No. 1

Forbury Care Home

Jill Hanna

Leominster in Bloom

Leominster Library

Mike Barrington and The Rankin Club

Richards Furnishings

The Owner of The Hen Pen

WH Smith


Thank you to:

Jean Saunders, Project Manager High Street Heritage Action Zone

Members of Leominster Cultural Consortium for all of their hard work to make this event happen

All of the residents and businesses on Corn Square, High Street, Corn Street, Victoria Street, Church Street and The Grange for your tolerance and assistance

Clare Cathcart, Hilary Norris and the stewards at Leominster Priory

Malcolm Mason, curator at Leominster Museum

Grange Court for hosting our lantern parade performers

All of the local businesses who stayed open late to provide refreshments and late night shopping

Leominster Town Council staff and councillors for support, advice, event logistics, gazebo, sand bags, hi vis jackets, insurance and keeping the toilets open

Herefordshire Council for commissioning this event and for funding the free car parking

Herefordshire SAG team

Historic England, Arts Council England and National Lottery

The Lion Tamer team – Chris, Harriet, Hetty, Ruby and Sandra

The volunteer puppet handlers

The Leominster Rotary Club who celebrate their 75th anniversary this year

Everyone who has come along to enjoy the event – that’s you!

With special thanks to everyone else who has contributed to this event but has not made the list due to timing and human error.

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