We are looking for projects to fund!

We have had some fun over the last few months with projects large and small throughout Leominster. Now though, it is YOUR turn to get involved with the Cultural Consortium. Do you have an idea for a cultural activity for Leominster? If so, we want to hear about it!

We have two pots of money for you to bid for from our funds from Historic England:

Small grants: £1500 per project
Large grants: £5000 per project

The deadline for applications is 26 August 2022. All projects need to take place in Leominster before March 2023.

You can shape the project any way you like but we are specifically looking for:

Projects that help us to fulfil our aim to develop a collaborative and inclusive cultural programme that draws out the many different voices that whisper, yell, laugh, cry, and shout from the people, places and spaces of Leominster’s past and present, uniting them in a mighty ROAR that stirs up local creativity, pride, passion and community spirit for the future.

These are likely to be in the form of activities that creatively engage the town in one/more of these areas: theatre, dance, music, crafts, performance, visual arts, community activities, literature, history or town trails

For more information and an application form, please contact Rachel Buchanan, Leominster ROARs Programme Development Officer on email: leominsterroars@leominstertowncouncil.gov.uk or on tel: 07813 612033.

Please share this call-out as widely as you can, as we want everyone who wants to be involved to have the opportunity. We look forward to hearing all of your ideas!

Leominster ROARs

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